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Improve your vocabulary – ebullient

Have you ever tried memorizing word-lists to improve your vocabulary? When I was in India, I used to coach students preparing for GRE / GMAT and other exams to improve their vocabulary. Using some very powerful mnemonic techniques, these students were able to learn as many as 100 new words and their meanings in about 2 hours.

The technique is simple.

1. Convert the word into a picture
2. Associate the picture with the meaning in a fun way.

In the word-a-week series of posts, I will share with you a mnemonic technique to remember a word and its meaning.

This week’s word:

Word: Ebullient
Meaning: excessive joy; enthusiasm

Picture for ebullient: A BULLY ANT
Association: A BULLY ANT is overflowing with joy.

Recent usage of this word in news:

1. The fear has spread to China’s normally ebullient market, where shares tumbled more that 5 per cent.
2. A year before he leaves town after two turbulent terms for a new home in Dallas, Bush is unusually ebullient these days.

Can you think of a usage for this word? Leave a comment.

Nishant Kasibhatla
Grand Master of Memory

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  2. Thanks Gunjan. You can subscribe to my RSS feed so that you dont miss the posts. Very soon I will be adding an email subscriber feature.

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